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Da Jamz Radio brings you the latest in hip-hop news and media that you may not find anywhere else.

K1ng Zoe - Feel1ng Amaz1ng Lyric Video

K1ng Zoe “Feel1ng Amaz1ng” Lyric Video | @K1ngzoe_a2o

Against All Odds Music Group, presents K1ng Zoe with his new single “Feel1ng Amaz1ng”....

RAP IS A MARTIAL ART “John Wick” Video | @philippeprosper

“Rap and Martial Arts, I’m its ultimate copulation”. Hip hop and martial arts have...
Paydro - Party Lyric video

Paydro “Party” Lyric Video | @PaydroBCE

Exla Music presents Cincinnati street native Paydro as he releases single “Party.” Mixing his...
Sess 4 5 - Family Man Lyric Video

Sess 4-5 “Family Man” Lyric Video | @SESS45

Nuthin But Fire Records presents New Orleans, LA based rapper and recording artist Sess...

GoldMoney Grillz

GoldMoney Grillz, is a small custom jewelry company. It was established in 2017 created...

[Video] Hollywood Noon ‘For You’

Hollywood Noon, is a hood scholar and rapper hailed by her summer 2018 Coming...