As if on cue, just days before the Super Bowl kicked off in Atlanta on Sunday, the building that was home to an iconic mural of Colin Kaepernick in Atlanta has been demolished. The mural was painted on a building that sits directly across from the city’s Morehouse College, an all-male historically black school, but on Friday afternoon (February 1st) it was demolished just as a reported hundreds of thousands migrated to Atlanta for Super Bowl weekend.

The Kaepernick mural was created by artist Fabian Williams, who posted a video of the destroyed site on social media on Friday – two days before Atalanta hosts Super Bowl 53. Taking to Instagram after the incident, the artist wrote: “Think about that.

“The way they kick off the celebration if the NFL most watched event, they tear down the building with their most talked about professional athlete without a job, Colin Kaepernick.

“What did he kneel for? Inequality. Human rights.

The Colin Kapernick mural before it was destroyed

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a fire took place inside the edifice six months prior. Nevertheless, the mural still remained. According to mural painter Fabian Williams, the building’s owner never had any complaints about the artwork.

He said he liked it,” Williams tells the AJC. “But said that the city was complaining to him about it.”

Williams also revealed that he had plans to return to the mural on Saturday to work on a few touch ups, adding that the decision to destroy the mural at this time did strike a chord.

“I figured at some point they would tear the building down, but it has been sitting up this whole time,” Williams added. “The fact that the Super Bowl happens here and the weekend when the festivities are gearing up, the building gets demolished is very odd.”

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