Al’Bei is a singer-songwriter and producer residing from Virginia. A complex but seasoned artist, like the symbolic roses he uses as a trademark, This DMV based singer has layers. 
 Al’Bei‘s sound doesn’t quite fit your contemporary R&B genre, nor is it entirely Neo-Soul or even Hip Hop. Instead, his music mixes the buttery grooves together creating a compelling blend of all three genres into to something new and refreshing. Making his music diverse and complex. Forward-thinking productions by the likes of LoveBlanch and AP Anonymous. Al’Bei’s ability to tackle dynamic instrumentals with his melodic vocals is quite astounding, Instantly drawing you in with his compelling sound. He finds his place in the song and rides it out in a different way. Suddenly your head is bobbin to his soulful vocals unknowingly. “BulletRose’ EP was officially released on May 2016.

Taking pride in his songwriting abilities with a dream-like presentation. Offering compelling creatively relevant visuals. He uses his social media platform As well to be humorous and tactful on addressing social injustice issues most musicians avoid. Having the mental and social acuity of someone far beyond his years. Rereleasing his EP Bullet Rose on all streaming platforms in Sept 2018. In July 2019 Al’Bei released his new self penned single entitled ‘Stay love’ lifted from his forthcoming album slated for early 2020.

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