Tekashi 6ix9ine’s been locked-up since November ever since he was arrested for racketeering and firearms charges. His baby mother recently sat down with VladTV to discuss his legal situation, revealing that he probably won’t do any time behind bars for his involvement in the crimes he was accused of. However, she also said that if he decides to come out of prison, he’ll be able to figure out some sort of way to reinvent himself from the “gangster persona.”

Sara Molina has no doubts that he’ll be able to continue his career after his release, but she’s well aware that he won’t be able to continue claim that he’s a gangster after snitching. She told Vlad that she’s seen him reinvent his image even before the fame, claiming that he’s essentially a culture vulture.

Many thought that 6ix9ine was manipulated by the people around him, but Molina refutes that claim. In fact, she thinks it’s the other way around. “I feel like in a way these grown men were manipulated by this little rainbow haired kid,” she said.

“Money and fame will make people do a lot of things,” she added. “I was manipulated — He’s a narcissist, I’m telling you that now. He’s very smart, I give him that. If I can give Danny credit for anything, his brain works in an evil way but it’s smart. It benefits him. And he’s ambitious.”


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