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The Swave - Hot Boy Summer

While The Swave™ is a relatively new term to music fans, it will not be long before it becomes globally known and recognized. The Swave™ is comprised of Lil D Money and Jezzy Baby, two rising stars who, despite their young age, are putting in a massive amount of work to reach the next level...

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Penny is a rap artist and songwriter with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between various hip-hop influences. Not many artists are willing to take an incredibly diverse creative approach, but Penny is able to accomplish all that, and so much more. He has a strong focus on creating powerful and inspiring...

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Jaymele Jamal Devontay Davis, known professionally as FTF Prophet, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. Growing up on the westside of Jacksonville, raised by his aunt and grandmother, Prophet had little to no opportunity but was always musically inclined. Feeling trapped in a city of violence and poverty, in 2014 Prophet decided to create...

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