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Chuze Capo - Chuze or Luze

Chuze Capo from Brockton, Ma comes out with a debut Ep titled “Chuze Or Luze” where he demonstrates his versality in sound flows and beat choices. This 4 song Ep satisfies every type of listeners wants. He has one feature from another Brockton artist named DTheFlyest who has a major record with Lil Baby. Check...

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Bigmoneybrezzy - TikTok

Bigmoneybrezzy is on a million dollar stroll on the road to riches, with hit after hit and the time has come for a new visual and so we bring to you “TikTok”. This is for the clubbers and will most definitely be in your top ten summer anthems. From being on indie Spotify and some...

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Welcome To Mollie’s World, Roland Page, author of “Eating The Forbidden Fruit” 1. First and foremost, please give us a small synopsis of your book. Eating the Forbidden Fruit is a fictional novel based on true events in my life of a St.Louis police officer convicted of federal drug crimes stemming from my childhood affiliation....

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