Zykel Jileel Pirtle (born September 6, 1998) better known as Zinero is an Amercan rapper, songwriter, producer, music engineer, graphic designer and video editor from Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up, Zinero was introduced to music by his father (Norvell Pirtle “Narvelle”) and his uncle (Christopher Jones “Fluteraci”).

Zinero started doing music at the age of 11 and started producing music at the age of 15. While attending Craigmont High School in his hometown Memphis, Tennessee, he attained the knowledge of graphic design and video editing. When he graduated from High School in 2016, he began to pursue music full time at the age of 17.

The name Zinero came from the word Dinero. Dinero is a Spanish word which means money, so he switched out the D and put in Z to show homage to his first name. Today we present to you his latest video “Geez”. Check it out below.

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Twitter: @_Zinero

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